christina bach

Today I’m thankful for…Health Insurance

Posted November 25th, 2014

Before the Affordable Care Act, it was estimated that somewhere between 46 and 50 million people in the United States were without health insurance. Through various means, the ACA hopes to give access to health insurance to 30 million of those individuals by 2020.

Camp Kesem

Getting to Know Camp Kesem

Posted September 23rd, 2014

Camp Kesem is a nationwide summer camp program, driven by passionate college student leaders, supporting children through and beyond their parent’s cancer diagnosis.

christina bach

Putting Your Specialty Pharmacy to Work for You

Posted August 11th, 2014

Specialty pharmacies manage and distribute high cost medications used to treat chronic conditions, including oral chemotherapies.

Christina Bach

“We’re Ready for You, Ms. Bach” – Confronting Anxiety of a Routine Mammogram

Posted July 1st, 2014

The anxiety of having a routine mammogram can prevent some women from having the test.