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CancerLand Bookshelf with Annette Bennington McElhiney

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I use a digital camera and hunt for colorful spring flowers to tune into the artist in me, while ovarian cancer survivor Annette Bennington McElhiney paints an alter ego she has named Althea.

CancerLand Bookshelf: Chief Complaint: Brain Tumor

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Author: John Kerastas Publisher: Sunstone Press, 2012 | $16.95 US Information: ISBN: 9780865349087 OncoLink Rating: At first glance, John Kerastas and I couldn’t be more different from one another. For starters, he’s a guy recovering from recent treatment for a brain tumor and I’m a 15 year breast cancer survivor. Then there’s the issue of geography;…

CancerLand Bookshelf: Sound Travels on Water

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Book Review: Serendipity: that’s the word that immediately comes to mind when I think about how I happened to connect with Kyle Potvin’s delightful chapbook, Sound Travels on Water.

CancerLand Bookshelf: Looking at Light: 100 Poems in 100 Days after cancer

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Somewhere in the middle of reading Looking at Light, a vivid moment from a cancer support group meeting plays back in my head, almost like a scene from a movie.