Hospice/Homecare Family Caregiver Cancer Education Program

Frances K. Barg, MEd, Ruth McCorkle, PhD, FAAN, Mary Pickett, PhD, RN, Mary Pat Lynch, MSN, RN
Posting Date: June 14, 2002

This learning kit contains fourteen modules of information that can be useful for family teaching by home care and hospice personnel while providing care to patients with cancer at home. This kit has been designed so that each module is self-sufficient and can be implemented in approximately fifteen minutes. Once you have assessed the family and patient needs, you may choose any or all of the modules for implementation. In general, each module contains an Introductory Section, an Assessment Section, and a Strategies Section.

The content of each module has been tested in group sessions of caregivers and has been reviewed by experts in oncology, home care, and hospice. Specific tasks for different disciplines have been delineated, where appropriate. References have been included for personnel who may wish to research topics in greater depth.

These modules were developed under a grant to the University of Pennsylvania, School of Nursing, from the Pennsylvania Department of Health, Cancer Control Program, Tom Ridge, Governor, Daniel Hoffmann, Secretary of Health.