The Lymphoma Series: My Body During Treatment

Self-Portrait With Hickman and Scar
My dear friend Julia said, "Paint everyone." Part of that was to face my scars and know that I am alive.
Oil on canvas. July 1991. 16" X 24"

After my Hickman catheter was put in place I saw my reflection in the lights above. I looked very vulnerable. How to maintain one's dignity through it all.
Oil on canvas. August 1991. 20" X 28"

My Dramatic Body
Throughout treatment my body reacted in extremes. Dr. Douglas said I had a dramatic body. Also, the effects of chemotherapy put my body in a state of turmoil.
Oil on canvas. August 1991. 18" X 28"

After the Harvest
Before radiation could start I had a bone marrow harvest, a procedure of removing white blood cells from the hip bone to store in case the lymphoma returns and a transplant is needed.
Oil on canvas. November 1991. 16" X 22"

Self-Potrait With Radiation Tattoos
My radiation treatment lasted six weeks; the tattoos indicate where I got "zapped." Fuchsia was for the first 8 zaps; blue for the final 16 zaps.
Oil on canvas. November 1991. 14" X 22"

Oil on canvas. August 1991. 18" X 24"


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