The Lymphoma Series: Portraits

Nurse Helen
I was in the hospital clinic for three weeks with an unidentified infection, kept on intravenous antibiotics. Nurse Helen kept me sane and smiling. A very special lady and a wonderful nurse.
Oil on canvas. August 1991. 16" X 20"

Doctor Blake
My last doctor, my radiologist. An energetic, cautious, caring doctor. She is in a similar setting to that in Doctor Triptych expect that she has her own niche.
Oil on canvas. December 1991. 20" X 28"

Friends Triptych (Fran, Darcy, Julia)
This very intense group portrait of myself and my friends symbolizes the support they gave me during my illness. I also wanted to capture the look in their eyes as they saw me in the hospital.
Oil on canvas. August 1991. Each Panel: 14" X 20"

Doctor Triptych (Dr. Barnes, Dr. Douglas, Dr. Leonard)
Here I tried to convey the fear of the unknown by the dark background with the very real presence of my doctors. In the pillars are symbols of each one from my sketches in the hospital and a seal for hope. I was fortunate to have such intelligent, caring, and modest doctors to help me fight lymphoma emotionally as well as physically.
Oil on canvas. July 1991. Each panel: 20" X 28"

The Three Musketeers
I got this idea in the hospital when I told Dr. Leonard I was going to paint all three of them. He said they were the three musketeers. Also, laughter is the best medicine.
Oil on canvas. September 1991. 24" X 18"

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