Money Matters

Cancer can be an expensive illness. Following a diagnosis, you should carefully review your medical insurance plan and other assets to prepare for any upcoming expenses the illness may require. There are great differences in insurance plans. Some provide minimal coverage and others provide coverage of most of your in- and outpatient services.

Many people have little idea of what their insurance plan provides until a serious illness occurs. If you haven't looked at your insurance plan in some time, read it carefully and talk with your insurance representative at work so you will know all the benefits you are entitled to. It is also wise to check with your employer since you may have sick leave or disability benefits you are not aware of. In addition, many hospitals employ financial counselors who are knowledgeable about insurance matters and can help you make sense out of your financial situation. Don't be embarrassed about asking for this kind of help. Modern medical care is expensive, and most people and their families wonder how they will pay for these services.

Some people unfortunately do not have medical insurance. Even if you don't have insurance, there are resources to call upon if you ask for help. Health-care professionals are committed to providing medical care even if insurance coverage is inadequate.


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