Nursing Homes

There may be times during cancer treatment when people cannot be cared for in their own homes. Sometimes a person's medical needs are complex and it would be unsafe for the person to be cared for by relatives. This could also happen after major surgery when a person doesn't require hospital care but needs to build up his or her strength before going home. As people grow older or are diagnosed with a serious illness, there may be times when they will need to move from their own home into some type of supervised living arrangement. This kind of change always involves feelings of loss, sadness, and anxiety as the known is replaced by the unknown.

Most people place a high value on their independence. It can be frightening to have an illness that may make you dependent on others, even temporarily. Sometimes a person will need to move into the home of an adult child. Even when this type of arrangement is temporary, it still requires an adjustment for all concerned. Relying on others for care is uncomfortable for most people. If your illness has resulted in your asking for help from other family members, it is best to acknowledge those feelings. Sometimes family members will be unavailable or unable to help. You may then need to consider an alternative living arrangement, such as a nursing home.


Adam Goodwin
by Bob Riter
September 21, 2015