Locating Cancer Related Resources in Your Community

Many resources and services are described in Helping People Cope: A Guide for Families Facing Cancer published by the Pennsylvania Department of Health, Cancer Control Program. To obtain additional copies of this publication and to find out what cancer care resources and services are available in your community, please call:



Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

You will be informed of the cancer care resources that are available in your geographic area. The available resources have been categorized as follows:

  • Cancer Information and Health Education

  • Nursing Homes

  • Individual or Family Counseling

  • Dietary and Nutrition Services

  • Support From Others Who Have Had Cancer

  • Drug/Alcohol Abuse

  • Help With Medical or Hospital Expenses

  • Hospice Services

  • Transportation Services

  • Help With Household and living Expenses

  • Home Health Care

  • Pain Control

  • Counseling Services

  • Rehabilitation Services
The information you request will be discussed with you over the phone, and if you desire, the information will be sent to you. Additionally, the social worker, nurse or doctor at your hospital or home health agency may be able to give you guidance in selecting a community resource.

There is no charge for the call or the information you will receive.

Early Palliative Care in Lung CA Focuses on Coping, Symptoms

Jan 31, 2013 - Early palliative care clinic visits, integrated with standard oncologic care for patients with metastatic lung cancer, emphasize symptom management, coping, and psychosocial aspects of illness, according to research published online Jan. 28 in JAMA Internal Medicine.

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