Detection--The discovery of an abnormality in an asymptomatic or symptomatic person. "Early Detection" is the discovery of an abnormality by health professionals through a special effort designed to screen for asymptomatic disease, or by people themselves who have been made alert to the existence of signs or symptoms.

Diagnosis--The process of identifying a disease by its characteristic signs, symptoms and laboratory findings. In patients with cancer, the earlier the diagnosis is made, the better the chance for cure.

Digital Rectal Exam--A procedure in which the physician inserts a finger into the rectum to examine this area (as well as the prostate gland in men) for signs of cancer.

DNA--One of two nucleic acids (the other is RNA) found in the nucleus of all cells. DNA contains genetic information on cell growth, division and function.


Spotlight on Cancer Caregivers [Webinar]
by OncoLink Editorial Team
January 06, 2014