Cancer Programs and Services

The Pennsylvania Cancer Control Program is a state funded program that focuses on cancer as a major public health problem and is dedicated to preventing cancer, insuring early detection of cancer, and improving the lives of Pennsylvanians with cancer. The Pennsylvania Cancer Control, Prevention and Research Act created the Governor's Cancer Advisory Board. In 1983, the Board presented to the Secretary of Health, and the General Assembly a strategy for addressing the problem of cancer within Pennsylvania, a state that has 57,000 new cancer cases each year. The Board provides recommendations to the Secretary of Health to award contracts to develop the following priorities: a statewide cancer registry, detection and prevention activities, epidemiological studies, community outreach programs, rehabilitation, communications and planning among institutions, education, training and clinical research.

For more information about the Pennsylvania Cancer Control Program write to:

Pennsylvania Department of Health
P.O. Box 90
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17108

The National Cancer Institute is the federal government agency responsible for conducting and supporting research on cancer. This national research program focuses its attention on the cause of cancer, prevention, early detection, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and cancer control. The National Cancer Institute wants to insure that all people with cancer receive state of the art care, meaning the most current and successful. The National Cancer Institute hopes to achieve this in partnership with its network of cancer centers throughout the country staffed with highly trained cancer physicians and researchers. For help with any questions about cancer, call their toll free number:


or write to:

The National Cancer Institute
Office of Cancer Communications
Building 3 1
Room 10A16
Bethesda, Maryland 20982

The American Cancer Society is a local and national health organization fighting cancer through research, education and community programs of prevention, detection, and services to the patient and family. Contributions from the public support the programs of the American Cancer Society in contrast with the National Cancer Institute which is federally funded. Typical patient service programs include Patient & Family Education, Transportation and Patient to Patient Visitation. The American Cancer Society toll free number for questions about cancer is:


or write to:

The American Cancer Society
1599 Clifton Road, N.E.
Atlanta, Georgia 30329


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