Cost of treatment (1997)

Total Cost of my personal Medical Compounds for Androgen Ablation Phase:

Casodex - 6 bottles of 30x50 mg tablets.
Zeneca Pharmaceuticals
Plankstadt, Germany

Lupron - 2x22.5mg injections
TAP Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Deerfield, Il. 60015
by Takeda Chemical Industries Ltd.
Osaka, Japan 541

Total Retail price = $5310.00

Actual cost after Blue Cross/Blue Shield Prescription Plan = $40.00

Cost of Drugs = $5,310

Cost of my personal "Work Up Phase" which includes:

Initial Consultations with Urologists, Radiologists, Biopsy, Lab work, MRI and Bone Scan plus initial consultation at the treatment facility = $5000

Cost of IMRT which includes all treatment and related calibration and checking procedures along the way plus weekly consultations with my doctor. = $33,900

Transportation = $700

Total Cost through all of my personal treatment: Drugs, Work Up, IMRT not including periodic follow ups = $44,910

My actual out of pocket expenses for drugs and treatment was probably less than $1000.00 after payment of these bills by Medicare and Blue Cross/ Blue Shield - including my Blue Cross Blue Shield Prescription plan which covered all medications.

Transportation expenses (train and subway fare) were out of pocket expenses.


Webucation: Cancer Prevention: The Basics
by Carolyn Vachani, MSN, RN, AOCN
February 16, 2015