Cost of treatment (1997)

Total Cost of my personal Medical Compounds for Androgen Ablation Phase:

Casodex - 6 bottles of 30x50 mg tablets.
Zeneca Pharmaceuticals
Plankstadt, Germany

Lupron - 2x22.5mg injections
TAP Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Deerfield, Il. 60015
by Takeda Chemical Industries Ltd.
Osaka, Japan 541

Total Retail price = $5310.00

Actual cost after Blue Cross/Blue Shield Prescription Plan = $40.00

Cost of Drugs = $5,310

Cost of my personal "Work Up Phase" which includes:

Initial Consultations with Urologists, Radiologists, Biopsy, Lab work, MRI and Bone Scan plus initial consultation at the treatment facility = $5000

Cost of IMRT which includes all treatment and related calibration and checking procedures along the way plus weekly consultations with my doctor. = $33,900

Transportation = $700

Total Cost through all of my personal treatment: Drugs, Work Up, IMRT not including periodic follow ups = $44,910

My actual out of pocket expenses for drugs and treatment was probably less than $1000.00 after payment of these bills by Medicare and Blue Cross/ Blue Shield - including my Blue Cross Blue Shield Prescription plan which covered all medications.

Transportation expenses (train and subway fare) were out of pocket expenses.


Annual Great American Smokeout
by Carolyn Vachani, MSN, RN, AOCN
November 19, 2013