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Author: Andrew Mays
Posted Date: February 21, 1998
Copyright © 1998-1999, Andrew Mays

About the Author and Illustrator...

Andrew Mays is a cancer survivor located in Nashville TN. While on chemotherapy he had the idea for this and other stories; so he started writing and keeping sketches in a notebook the nurses would sneak into his hospital room and steal when they thought he was asleep.

Andrew has been cancer free now for 10+ years, still hates needles and can't wait to drink some delicious goo for his next CAT scan or PET scan. Say, why ARE all these scans named after animals anyway?

About the story...

This story was originally written and illustrated as a coloring/activity book for the use in local Nashville children's hospitals as an addition to the wide array of informational brochures and booklets which the American Cancer Society has published.

Now hosted by the great folks at ONCOLINK, this story has the potential to reach a nationwide audience of children and young adults. If you are interested in linking to this page, or in using the story and activities included in these web pages for your children/ patients, please feel free to do so.

If you like or use this web page please let me know, and give me some general feedback so that I can write a better story next time.

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