Cancer Drugs

OncoLink is pleased to offer a comprehensive listing of the most commonly used chemotherapy agents. This reference guide includes information on how each drug is given, how they work, and common side effects patients may experience.


Information about chemotherapy treatment, drugs and side effects. Includes an overview of the treatment process and OncoLink Rx, a list of teaching sheets about chemotherapy drugs.

Biologic Therapy

The Basics learn about this exciting treatment which works by helping the immune system to function better by using substances that occur naturally in your body to fight cancer.

Gene Therapy

Find out how researchers are trying to use this cutting edge therapy in an attempt to boost the immune system and improve the body's natural ability to fight cancer.

Hormone Therapy

Support and information about the various hormonal therapies used to treat many types of cancer.

Targeted Therapies

This multi-part educational section will briefly describe the basic science behind targeted therapies and review the major classes of targeted therapies. We will then take a closer look at some of the medical literature itself, reviewing the most up-to-date clinical recommendations for various cancers. The list of targeted agents is growing at an amazingly fast rate, and many drugs are still in the early stages of laboratory research and development. However, this section will only discuss approved therapies.

Vaccine Therapies

One of the more complex topics in cancer treatment and one of the most rapidly changing fields of cancer research.

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