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Cancer and Careers
Last Modified: April 18, 2012

Dates: 5/23, 7/19, 10/24
Location: Teleconference

Sponsoring Group: Cancer and Careers

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Topics Covered: A teleconference series presented by Cancer and Careers, your resource for balancing work and cancer. How do I deal with the gap on my resume from taking time off for treatment? Can I use the Family and Medical Leave Act for my weekly chemo appointments? What are my insurance options if I'm unemployed? Join us on one (or all!) of our teleconferences where you can ask any and all questions you may have for a career coach or legal expert. Speakers Career Coach: Julie Jansen, Executive and Career Coach and Author Legal Expert: Joanna L. Morales, Esq., Cancer Rights Attorney; Principal, North Star Alliances

Who Should Attend: Patients, Survivors, Healthcare Providers

Fees: FREE

Continuing Education: No

Audience: Patients</


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