Best Practices & Strategies for Oncology Nurse Navigation Leadership

Last Modified: November 4, 2011

Dates: February 16-17, 2012
Location: Orlando, FL

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Topics Covered: Join us at our National Event on ";Best Practices for Oncology Nurse Navigation Leadership" focused on exploring the latest strategies and best practices for Establishing a Competitive Nurse Navigation Program geared at increasing patient volume, improving clinical outcomes and exceling in Total Patient Cancer Care (TPCC). Oncology Nurse Navigation has become a necessity for any thriving service line – especially in the field of oncology nurse navigation. Collaborate with industry experts and health care professionals who strive to offer timely and comprehensive cancer care. Event participants will gain knowledge from Industry Experts on the benefits, outcomes and challenges involved with developing a Nurse Navigation Program. This strategic event is more focused for program leadership: How to implement a navigation program, how to grow a navigation program, how to train their navigators, how to select their navigators, what they need to know to prepare their navigators, what to expect, leadership strategies, measurements, best practices, operations management, etc. Don't miss this outstanding learning experience.

Objectives: Highlighting the Modern Trends, Pioneering Strategies and Best Case Studies from Leading Healthcare Organizations that Have Established Competitive Oncology Nurse Navigation Programs Geared at Improving and Streamlining Patient Care, Cancer Services and Processes, and Providing the Highest Quality of Patient Care

Who Should Attend: This conference is ideally suited for Oncology Nurse Navigators, CNOs, Cancer Center Directors, Nurses, Nurse Administrators, Administrators, and other health professionals involved in the direct care of cancer patients. Senior Level Executives, Vice Presidents, Administrators, Directors and Managers within hospitals, health systems, federal and state agencies, as well as healthcare consultants are encouraged to attend. All Academic Medical Centers, Teaching Hospitals, Medical Laboratories, Comprehensive Cancer Centers, Community Hospitals and others are also encouraged to attend.

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