2012 ASH Consultative Hematology Course (CHC)

Last Modified: July 2, 2012

Dates: September 28, 2012
Location: Chicago, IL

Web Page URL: www.hematology.org/Meetings/Consultative-Hematology-Course/8501.aspx

Topics Covered: The program will focus on non-malignant hematology.

Objectives: The one-day program, geared toward North American community practitioners, will cover commonly encountered clinical problems that arise in everyday practice and require the expertise of a hematologist.

Who Should Attend: Hematologist and Oncologist

Agenda: The program will use case-based presentations and interactive discussions. The hands-on course will be led by faculty familiar with consultative practice issues.

Registration Information: Registration for the 2012 CHC is limited to practicing hematologists in North America. If you are not a current ASH member and you plan to attend the 2012 CHC only, you must register at the "Non-Member" rate. If you are neither a current ASH member nor a member of SAS partnering society and you plan to attend both 2012 CHC and SAS, you must register at the "Non-Member" rate. Online at www.hematology.org/Meetings/Consultative-Hematology-Course/8501.aspx Payment by American Express, MasterCard, or Visa is accepted. By Mail Mail the registration form (available at www.hematology.org/sas12) and payment by check only to: ASH Administration P.O. Box 791210 Baltimore, MD 21279-1210 For Questions: Contact ASH Customer Relations at 202-776-0544 or email customerservice@hematology.org.

Fees: CHC only ranges from $120- $175. CHC+SAS ranges from $345-$575.

Continuing Education: No