The Pharmacokinetics of Darbopoetin Alpha Administered Subcutaneously in Patients with Non-Myeloid Malignancies Receiving Multicycle Chemotherapy

Reviewer: Walter F. Sall, MD
The Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania
Last Modified: December 9, 2001

Presenter: A. C. Heatherington
Presenter's Affiliation: Amgen, Inc.
Type of Session: Poster


  • Darbopoetin Alpha (NESP, Aranesp) is a novel synthetic variant of rHuEPO possesing 2 additional consensus N-linked carbohydrate groups.
  • Darbopoetin alpha has been shown to have a 2-3 fold increased half life compared to rHuEPO in patients with chronic renal insufficiency. Serum half life is also longer in cancer patients receiving chemotherapy.
  • Darbopoetin alpha has been shown to increase hgb levels when dosed as infrequently as every three weeks.
  • This study analyzes the pharmacokinetics of darbopoetin alpha in cancer patients receiving multi-agent chemotherapy receiving single and multiple 2.75 ug/kg weekly doses.

    Materials and Methods

  • Darbopoetin alpha was dosed weekly at 2.25 ug/kg. Chemotherapy was given on three week cycles beginning the same day as the first injection of darbopoetin alpha.
  • Eligibility: hgb less than or equal to 13 non-myeloid leukemia ECOG 0-2 no rHuEPO within 8 weeks.
  • 29 patients enrolled. Mean baseline hgb was 9.8. 21 solid tumors, 8 lymphoproliferative cancers.
  • Weekly trough serum samples were analyzed prior to each subsequent darbopoetin alpha injection.
  • Serum Darbopoetin alpha levels were measured using ELISA. Endogenous EPO levels were also measured.


  • Absorption of darbopoetin alpha following SC injection was slow. Mean time to peak serum concentration following a single SC injection was 72 hours.
  • Darbopoetin alpha did not accumulate to unacceptably high levels following multiple weekly doses.
  • Trough levels tripled between the first and second week. Trough levels plateaued and were consistently stable in subsequent weeks.
  • Endogenous EPO levels followed the same patterns as weekly injected Daarbopoetin alpha with a four fold increase in serum levels in the first week of chemo followed by a plateau.

    Author's Conclusions

  • Slow absorption of SC injected darbopoetin alpha results in prolonged serum half life. Less frequent dosing patterns can therefore be used.
  • There is no accumulation of darbopoetin alpha following multiple sequential weekly doses.
  • Consistent and reproducible trough patterns are seen from one chemotherapy cycle to the next.
  • Endogenous EPO follows the same serum concentration pattern as weekly injected darbopoetin during chemotherapy treatment.

    Clinical/Scientific Implications
    This study supports the use of weekly injected darbopoetin alpha as a safe and effective alternative to more frequent dosing of rHuEPO. SC injection of darbopoetin alpha acts as a depot injection, providing consistent serum levels of the drug without accumulating to supra-therapeutic levels. Better patient compliance and simplification of chemotherapy treatment regimens will hopefully result from the use of this drug.

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