Multidrug Resistance and ABC Transporters

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Last Modified: June 1, 2008

Conference Dates: November 5, 2008
Conference Location: Baltimore, Maryland

Sponsoring Group: Abcam, Inc.

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Topics Covered: The meeting will cover multidrug resistance in cancer and ABC transporters - basic, clinical, regulation and drug-drug interaction aspects.

Conference Objectives: Multidrug resistance in cancer and ABC transporters

Conference Agenda: Confirmed speakers: [Keynote] Dr Michael M. Gottesman (National Cancer Institute, NIH), Current status of multidrug resistance and ABC transporters - Dr Robert B. Innis (Molecular Imaging Branch, NIMH), Positron emission tomographic imaging of drug efflux transporters - Dr David S. Miller (NIEHS, NIH), Regulation of P-glycoprotein and other ABC drug transporters at the blood-brain barrier - Dr Gilbert J. Burckart (U.S. Food and Drug Administration), Drug-drug interactions and regulatory implications for membrane transporter substrates in drug development - Dr Maria R. Baer (University of Maryland Greenebaum Cancer Center), Clinical and therapeutic implications of multidrug resistance-associated ABC drug transporters - Dr Suresh V. Ambudkar (National Cancer Institute), Mechanism of action of multidrug resistance-linked ABC drug transporters

Registration Information: Oral abstract deadline: August 5, 2008 Poster abstract deadline: October 5, 2008 Early bird discount deadline: September 5, 2008

Conference Fees: $125.00

Continuing Education: No