Food As Medicine Professional Training

Center for Mind-Body Medicine
Last Modified: March 28, 2011

Dates: June 9-12, 2011
Location: Bethesda, MD

Sponsoring Group: Center for Mind-Body Medicine

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Topics Covered: Sustainable Nutrition: Origins, Evolution & Agriculture Nutrition in Practice: Tools & Techniques of Care Understanding Core Imbalances Macronutrients & Micronutrients: the Building Blocks Digestive Healing: A Holistic Approach Mindful Eating Kids, Parents & Food Diabesity: A Functional Medicine Approach Diet Strategies to Complement Cancer Care Keeping it Real: Community & Public Health Condition Specific Nutrition Therapy The Science of Supplementation Cutting Edge Laboratory Assessment Rx in the Kitchen: Cooking for Health

Objectives: Fully prepare participants to integrate a scientifically-based approach to nutrition in treating patients.

Who Should Attend: All health care professionals

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Fees: Varies

Continuing Education: Yes

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