Controversies in the Management of Gynecologic Malignancies 3

Last Modified: October 13, 2002

Conference Dates: December 5-6, 2002
Conference Location: Washington, DC

Sponsoring Group: Imedex

Conference Web Page URL:

Topics Covered: Epithelial Ovarian Cancer, Cervical Cancer, Vulvar Cancer, Endometrial Cancer

Since 1999, this debate-based conference series has won the interest and support of practitioners on a national and international basis. The depth of coverage and rigorous discussion of important topics in gynecologic oncology by world-class experts has resulted in an exciting and interactive educational experience for our attendees

Conference Objectives: After successfully completing this educational program, participants should be able to: Discuss and explain the various options, their advantages and disadvantages, benefits and risks, for the treatment of cervical, vulvar, endometrial and ovarian cancer in selected stages and selected situations.

Who Should Attend: This program is intended for gynecologists, oncologists, radiation therapists, pathologists, and other practitioners involved in the diagnosis and management of gynecological cancers including ovarian, endometrial and cervical cancers. No specific knowledge or skills other than a basic training in one of the above-mentioned disciplines is required for successful participation in the program.

Registration Information: Register online at, by phone to 770-751-7332, fax to 770-751-7334.

Conference Fees: Registration fees: Physicians Discounted (registered by 10/25/02)$195, Regular (registered by 11/27/02) $295, On-Site $425, Residents, Students* $99

Continuing Education: Yes

Miscellany: 12 hours CME category 1, AMA-PRA