Center for Mind-Body Medicine
Last Modified: May 28, 2006

Conference Dates: October 9-15, 2006
Conference Location: Indian lakes Resort, Bloomingdale, IL

Sponsoring Group: Center for Mind-Body Medicine

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Topics Covered: Alternative and Complementary approaches to cancer care, current research, psychological crises and turning points in cancercare, mind-body approaches that you can use in your practice

Conference Objectives: To provide participants with practical guidance in individualized programs of comprehensive and integrative care for all people with cancer.

Who Should Attend: Oncologists/ Oncology Professionals, Physicians and Physician Assistants, Nurses and Nurse Practitioners, Psychologists and Social Workers, Mental Health and Pastoral Counselors, CAM Practitioners, Dietitians and Nutritionists

Conference Agenda: Arrival and Departure Please note: This training program is designed as an integrated experience. Tightly scheduled, it provides essential information from opening to closing. Please plan your arrival and departure accordingly.

The course will begin with registration at 8:00 a.m. on Monday, October 9 and conclude Sunday, October 15 by 2 p.m.. Non-local participants should plan to arrive Sunday, October 8.

Hotel Reservations: If you wish to stay on-site, call the Indian Lakes Resort at (800) 334-3417 and request the Center for Mind-Body Medicine rate or visit Don’t delay - space is limited!

Registration Information: Early bird deadline: Aug. 1, 2006. Registration deadline: Sep. 31, 2006. Registration forms can be downloaded and printeed from

Conference Fees: $125 meal plan + tuition

Continuing Education: No