1st Annual International Medical Assembly at the United Nations: Meeting the Global Challenge of Cancer

United Nations
Last Modified: March 15, 2007

Conference Dates: April 3-5, 2007
Conference Location: United Nations Headquarters, New York, New York

Sponsoring Group: United Nations

Conference Web Page URL: www.medicalassemblyun.org

Topics Covered: In this conference, we will:

  • Explore ways and means for abating the spread of cancer worldwide
  • Examine the challenges that developing and developed countries face
  • Exchange "Best Practices" that can reverse the current tread
  • Offer opportunities to collaborate in research, treatment, advocacy, etc.

Conference Objectives: Conquering Cancer! World Health Organization states we are on the brink of a global cancer epidemic. Already, cancer is responsible for more deaths than HIV Aids, TB and malaria combined. The estimated number of new cases annually is expected to be 16 million by 2020. Three out of every five new cancer cases will occur in resource-constrained countries. BUT, THIS CAN CHANGE, IF WE TAKE ACTION NOW.

Conference Agenda: Working together with United Nations Agencies, UN Missions, International NGOs, Civil Society and the Private Sector

  • To Stop the Predicted Worldwide Cancer Epidemic
  • To Examine Ways and Means to Prevent Cancer
  • To Promote Early Detection of Cancer
  • To Provide Knowledge of Effective/Accessible Treatments to Cancer
  • To Create a World Environment that Promotes Healing and Health
Registration Information: To register go to register@medicalassemblyun.org. For more information go to www.medicalassemblyun.org

Continuing Education: No

From the National Cancer Institute