2007 International Melanoma Congress

Last Modified: April 1, 2007

Conference Dates: November 1-4, 2007
Conference Location: New York Marriott Financial Center, New York, NY

Conference Web Page URL: http://www.melanomacongress07.net/main/index.php

Topics Covered:

  • Why melanocytes develop into melanoma
  • Why are melanomas so metastatic
  • Why melanomas don't die
  • Wiring of melanoma – receptors
  • Wiring of melanoma – kinases
  • Wiring of melanoma – transcription factors
  • Where are we headed – promising models and pathways
  • Where are we headed – evolving therapies
  • Immunobiology
  • Gene expression
  • Epidemiology and prevention
  • Clinical updates

Poster and proffered paper sessions will highlight current research and presentations by experts in the field will cover important new developments.

Conference Agenda: The 4th International Melanoma Congress will feature programs for basic researchers and clinicians who study and treat patients with melanoma.

Conference Objectives: To share research and clinical information in variable melanoma research fields.

Who Should Attend: Researchers and clinicians who study and treat patients with melanoma.

Conference Agenda: Three days of speaker presentations, along with a welcome reception, breaks, and meals.

Registration Information: Registration information available online Registration information can be found on the 2007 International Melanoma Congress website, accessed by way of the URL included here.

Conference Fees: Variable from $75.00 to $510.00

Continuing Education: No