Mitosis and Cancer Symposium

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Last Modified: October 20, 2008

Conference Dates: February 26 - 27 , 2009
Conference Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Sponsoring Group: Abcam

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Topics Covered: - Cellular responses to checkpoint activation in G2 and mitosis - Targeting mitotic pathways in cancer therapy - The mitotic checkpoint and cancer

Conference Objectives: The deadly essence of cancer cells is their ability to divide unrestrictedly. For long, anti-mitotic drugs have been used in cancer therapy yet surprisingly little is known about the molecular mechanisms underlying their therapeutic effects. This symposium aims to bring together experts of mitosis and translational cancer research, to work on understanding how mitotic targets could be optimally used in cancer therapy.

Who Should Attend:

Conference Agenda: Confirmed Speakers: Conly Rieder (Wadsworth Center, US), Holger Bastians (IMT, Germany), Paul Clarke (University of Dundee, UK), Nick Keen (AstraZeneca, UK), Randy King (Harvard Medical School, US), Geert Kops (University Medical Center Utrecht, The Netherlands), Rene Medema (University Medical Center Utrecht, The Netherlands), Helen Piwnica-Worms (Howard Hughes Medical Institute, US), Charles Swanton (Cancer Research, UK), Stephen Taylor (University of Manchester, UK), Eduardo Torres (MIT, US), Michael White (UT Southwestern Medical Center, US), Kenneth W Wood (Cytokinetics, US)

Registration Information: - Oral abstract deadline: November 02, 2008 - Poster abstract deadline: January 16, 2009 Early bird discount deadline: January 16, 2009

Conference Fees: €175 - €315

Continuing Education: No