Beyond Treatment: Challenges & Solutions for Cancer Survivors...Employment Law

Last Modified: October 20, 2008

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Conference Dates: January 15, 2009
Conference Location: teleconference

Sponsoring Group: Legal Clinic for the Disabled, St. Mary's Medical Center, American Cancer Society, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Topics Covered: Topics include: who is covered by the ADA, reasonable accommodation, the scope and limits of protections under the ADA, who is covered by the FMLA, what types of leave are provided by the law.

Conference Objectives: Introduction to the Americans With Disabilities Act and the Family Medical Leave Act

Who Should Attend: Social workers, nurses, cancer survivors, care givers

Conference Agenda: Hour long teleconference from noon to 1:00 will cover the ADA and FMLA. Questions will be taken from participants and answers will be provided.

Registration Information: Nancy Chum (610) 521-8274 ext. 234 or

Conference Fees: free

Continuing Education: Yes

Miscellany: First in a series of free, monthly teleconference workshops on issues facing cancer survivors and care givers.

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