Apoptosis and Cancer: The Bcl-2 family of proteins

Last Modified: December 17, 2008

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Conference Dates: June 25-26, 2009
Conference Location: Dartmouth College, New Hampshire

Sponsoring Group: Abcam

Conference Web Page URL: www.abcam.com/go.cfm?p=2733&Cl=2282

Topics Covered: The Bcl-2 family of proteins (Bcl-2-like proteins, Bax/Bak, BH3-only proteins): -Regulation and role in apoptosis and tumorigenesis -Non-apoptotic functions -Targets for the development of cancer therapeutics

Conference Objectives: Abcam's meeting on Apoptosis & Cancer: The Bcl-2 family of proteins is a great opportunity for scientists looking for the latest research showcasing the most recent breakthroughs in the study of apoptosis and cancer. For ten years and more than 20 conferences, Abcam has created a partnership with the scientific community to deliver quality meetings that present ongoing study and discoveries.

Conference Agenda: Visit website for more information

Registration Information: Visit website for more information

Conference Fees: $325

Continuing Education: No

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