Los Angeles Neuroendocrine Tumor Patient Education Seminar

Caring for Carcinoid
Last Modified: February 5, 2010

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Conference Dates: March 27, 2010, 1-5:30PM
Conference Location: Los Angelos

Sponsoring Group: Caring for Carcinoid

Conference Web Page URL: www.caringforcarcinoid.org/fundraising/laevent.asp

Who Should Attend: Patients, Family Members

Conference Agenda: On March 27th, come join your fellow neuroendocrine tumor patients for an exciting day of discovery. Learn about the latest in treatment options, the role of surgical intervention and radioembolization as well as participate in two patient-oriented, interactive case studies. These studies will be geared towards answering important questions such as: how does one determine the best treatment options, what are the outcomes from these decisions, and more. Click here, to view the complete agenda.

Registration Information: Please register for the Neuroendocrine Tumor Patient Education Day by e-mailing ashley.malins@caringforcarcinoid.org with the following information: Name Address Phone Number Number of guests attending

Conference Fees: Free

Continuing Education: No

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