Survivor Caregiver Boston Regional Seminar

Last Modified: September 7, 2010

Conference Dates: Saturday, November 20, 2010
Conference Location: Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Sponsoring Group: Colon Cancer Alliance

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Topics Covered: Take control of your cancer and your life! Conversations about Colorectal Cancer Regional Seminars, presented by the Colon Cancer Alliance, are intended for colorectal cancer patients, survivors, caregivers, family and friends. These FREE seminars will offer information about the latest treatment advances and give attendees the opportunity to listen to and support one another in their fight against colorectal cancer. The Boston/Massachusetts seminar will be held on Saturday, November 20, 2010 at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. For more information about this seminar, future cities on the tour or to register, visit

Conference Objectives: Conversations about Colorectal Cancer

Who Should Attend: Survivors, caregivers, family and friends

Conference Fees: Free