Scientific and Clinical Update in Geriatric Oncology: A New Battlefront

Last Modified: January 31, 2012

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Dates: March 9, 2012
Location: Philadelphia, PA

Sponsoring Group: Kimmel Cancer Center at Jefferson, Kimmel Cancer Center Network and the Rothman Institute

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Topics Covered: The Scientific and Clinical Update in Geriatric Oncology: The New Battlefront is designed to provide comprehensive updates in basic science research and the latest updates on chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation in the care of senior adult patients. Best practices include indivilized assessment and treatment decisions will be discussed. A growing body of evidence exist which supports best practices in the management of both hematology malignacies and solid tumors in older patients. Practitioners need to appy this evidence to the treatment of older cancer patients. During the program specialized knowledge will be gained regarding the care of this special population. Through lectures and two panel discussins, strategies for implementing new advances into medical practice will be discussed.

Objectives: Recognize and address the particular co-morbidities, functional, and cognitive concerns common to older patients.Identify when and how to collaborate with geriatric experts in medicine, pharmacy and other disciplines to assess and manage elderly cancer patients.

Who Should Attend: All involved int he care of geriatric oncology patients

Registration Information: To register, please visit

Fees: Complimentary for Healthcare Providers

Continuing Education: Yes

Audience: HCP

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