New Frontiers in Lymphedema Research and Therapy

Last Modified: June 5, 2004

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Conference Dates: October 20-24, 2004
Conference Location: Reno

Sponsoring Group: Natitional Lymphedema Network (NLN)

Conference Web Page URL:

Topics Covered:

  • General and oncological lymphedema
  • Physiology/immunology of the lymphatic system alternative and investigational treatment palliative care
  • Quality of life
  • Lymphangiogeneisis
  • Numerous workshops, including 4 hr Instructional session for physician
  • Physiology and differential diagnosis
  • Woundcare and lymphedema Diagnostic approaches Training etc.

Conference Objectives: Education and Research in Lymphedema due to teh various cancer surgeries

Who Should Attend: Physicians, OT.s, PT's, RN, Scientist

Registration Information: Registrattion deadline is September 1, 2004

Conference Fees: $450.00

Continuing Education: Yes

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