Fifth Annual New Strategies in Breast Cancer Conference

Last Modified: December 10, 2004

Conference Dates: April 8-10, 2005
Conference Location: Philadelphia, PA

Sponsoring Group: The Center for Biomedical Continuing Education)

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Topics Covered:

  • Optimizing Imaging Techniques in High-Risk Patients;
  • Targeted Adjuvant Therapy: Where Do We Go From Here?;
  • Genetic Susceptibility and Breast Cancer;
  • Current Standards in Prevention and Risk Reduction;
  • Breast Pathology: The State of the Art;
  • Neoadjuvant Therapy of Breast Cancer;
  • Use of Trastuzumab in the Neoadjuvant Setting;
  • Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy: Exploring the Standards and the Alternatives;
  • Hormonal Therapies in the Neoadjuvant Setting;
  • Recent Advances With Novel Agents for Neoadjuvant Therapy;
  • New Directions in Breast Surgery;
  • Questions and Controversies in Radiation Therapy;
  • Supportive Care and Special Populations;
  • Considerations in the Treatment of the Elderly Patient;
  • Advances in Therapy for Treatment-Induced Bone Loss;
  • The Interdependent Role of Health Care Providers in the Care of Breast Cancer Patients:
  • Focus on the Nurse Practitioner and Physician's Assistant;
  • Adjuvant Therapy of Breast Cancer;
  • Predictive and Prognostic Markers in Breast Cancer;
  • Optimizing Hormonal Therapy in the Adjuvant Setting;
  • Advances in Adjuvant Chemotherapy;
  • Biology of Breast Cancer Metastases;
  • Polymorphisms and Pathways: An Update on Genomics in Breast Cancer;
  • Combination Therapies for the First-Line Treatment of Breast Cancer;
  • Novel Agents in Breast Cancer: From Theory to Therapy;
  • Targeting HER2 in Breast Cancer: Current Results and Future Potential

Conference Objectives: Please see website for further information.

Who Should Attend: This activity is intended for medical oncologists and other physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, clinical nurse specialists, and other health care professionals interested in the treatment of cancer

Registration Information:
Zack Lentz
Telephone: 214-260-9024
Fax: 214-260-0408

Conference Fees: Please see website for further information

Continuing Education: Yes