Emerging Technologies: Changing the Face of Cancer Care

Atlantic Health System, New Jersey Commission on Cancer Research
Last Modified: September 11, 2005

Conference Dates: October 28, 2005
Conference Location: NJ Performing Arts Center, Newark, New Jersey

Sponsoring Group: Atlantic Health System, New Jersey Commission on Cancer Research

Conference Web Page URL: nj.gov/health/ccr/documents/changingfacecancercare.pdf

Topics Covered:

  • Advances in understanding the epigenetic and molecular basis of cancer are leading to new technologies that are reshaping the way cancer care is practiced today.
  • Molecular targeted therapies, new diagnostic and prognostic techniques based upon microenvironments, powerful new imaging tools, and small molecule drug development are shifting the clinical, psychosocial and financial strategies for dealing with cancer.
  • Cancer therapies are moving from a "find and kill" approach to one of containment, transforming cancer from an acute life-threatening disease towards a managed chronic care disease. The implications of this shift are enormous for health care providers at all levels.
  • This conference brings together leading experts to address these new developments and discuss how such changes will shape cancer care in the future.
  • Researchers, physicians, nurses, social workers, health care administrators and public health professionals will gain insights into the opportunities and challenges that such cutting edge technologies will bring to patient care.

Conference Objectives: At the conclusion of this conference, the participants should be able to:

  1. Develop a baseline appreciation of the microenvironment and how new diagnostic and prognostic techniques are being developed and tested.
  2. Discuss a broad awareness of new targeted therapies and their impact on patient management in the ambulatory setting.
  3. Explain that cancer, as an illness, may become chronic and managed as opposed to cured.
  4. List two new techniques on the horizon in radiation oncology for the treatment of cancer.
  5. List three interventions to better manage the side effects of chemotherapeutic agents.

Who Should Attend: Researchers, physicians, nurses, social workers, health care administrators and public health professionals.

Conference Agenda:

  • Manipulating the Tumor Microenvironment for Treatment of Solid Tumors – Edmund Lattime, PhD
  • Radiation Therapy for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer - Julian Rosenman, MD, PhD
  • Making the Life Saved Worth Living: The Imperative of Effective Cancer Supportive Care - Kathi Mooney, PhD, RN
  • 1:00 to 1:45 PM Oral Chemotherapy: Status and Future Direction - Joseph Bailes, MD
  • Update on the Adjuvant Treatment of Breast Carcinoma – Eleftherios Mamounas, MD, MPH
  • Molecular-Targeted Therapy with Herceptin as the Prototype – Dennis Slamon, MD, PhD

Registration Information: Please complete this registration form and mail it to:

Overlook Hospital Administration
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Attention: Nancy Russo.

Please include the $125 registration fee for physicians, or $85 registration fee for all others, along with your registration form. Checks should be made out to: Atlantic Health System. Seating is limited, so please respond by October 14.

For more information, call (908) 522-5211, or email nancy.russo@ahsys.org. You can also call (609) 633-6552, or email njccr@doh.state.nj.us.

Upon receipt of your check, confirmation of registration will be sent via email unless otherwise specified.

A limited number of scholoarships for medical, nursing and allied health students is available. For more information, call (609) 633-6552.

Conference Fees: $125 for physicians, $85 for all others

Continuing Education: Yes