Prostate and Kidney Cancers Symposium

The Methodist Hospital Foundation
Last Modified: February 22, 2006

Conference Dates: April 29, 2006
Conference Location: Houston, Texas

Sponsoring Group: The Methodist Hospital Foundation

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Topics Covered: Prostate and Kidney Cancers: Discussions will focus on the role of chemotherapy, surgery, radiation therapy, nutrition, etc and the management of metastatic disease including brain, bone and lung involvement.

Conference Objectives: To educate about the latest treatment options & clinical trials, how to care for themselves and the future of treatments/medicine.

Who Should Attend: Patients and Caregivers

Conference Agenda:

  • Prostate: Pathology, Surgical procedures,Radiation Therapy, High Risk Patients, Alternatives to Hormones, Molecular Targets & Vaccines, Chemotherapy and Skeletal related abnormalities.
  • Kidney: Pathology, Role of Surgery and Adjuvant Therapy, Radiation Therapy. Supportive care for brain, bone and lung involvement. Management of metastatic disease: molecular targets, monoclonal antibodies, vaccine development, virotherapy, gene therapy and biochemotherapy.

Registration Information: Call 713-790-3333 or visit to reserve your free spot today.

Conference Fees: Free

Continuing Education: No