Clinical Controversies in Multiple Myeloma

MMRF & Dana-Farber Cancer Center
Last Modified: July 13, 2007

Conference Dates: September 17, 2007
Conference Location: Best Western Inn at Longwood Medical

Sponsoring Group: MMRF & Dana-Farber Cancer Center

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Topics Covered: Frontline Therapy, Transplant, Relapsed/Refractory Disease, Supportive Care, Clinical Trials

Conference Objectives: Comprehensive overview of the latest information about multiple myeloma biological and clinical research.

Who Should Attend: Hematologists, Oncologists, Oncology Nurses, Internists

Conference Agenda:

  • 4:30PM - Registration
  • 5:00PM - Welcome and Introduction
  • 5:10PM - Frontline Therapy - Nikhil Munshi, MD
  • 5:35PM - Transplant - William Bensinger, MD
  • 6:00PM - Relapsed/Refractory Disease - Paul Richardson, MD
  • 6:25PM - Supportive Care - Sagar Lonial, MD
  • 6:50PM - Dinner
  • 7:10PM - Clinical Trials - Kenneth C. Anderson, MD

Registration Information: Register online or contact Sara Tyghter at 203.652.0219

Conference Fees: Free

Continuing Education: Yes

Miscellany: Free dinner will be provided