A CME/CNE Regional Dinner Program Series: New Molecular Targets and Novel Agents for the Treatment of Advanced Renal Cell Carcinoma: From Rational Design to Clinical Efficacy

Last Modified: November 21, 2007

Conference Dates: January 14-30, 2008
Conference Location: Nationwide

Sponsoring Group: The CBCE

Conference Web Page URL: http://www.thecbce.com/rcc

Topics Covered: This interactive dinner discussion/presentation forum, including key abstracts presented at the 43rd American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting, will utilize multiple methods of participation to engage attendees and enhance the learning process.

Conference Objectives: After participating in this educational activity, attendees should be able to:

  1. Describe the aberrant signaling pathways characteristic of RCC.
  2. Discuss the safety and efficacy of recently approved novel multitargeted agents for RCC.
  3. Discuss recent clinical trials investigating the safety and efficacy of MoAbs in the treatment of RCC.
  4. Describe recent clinical trials investigating the safety and efficacy of novel agents targeting single pathways for the treatment of RCC.

Who Should Attend: This activity is designed for oncologists, physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals interested in recent advances in the treatment of patients with renal cell carcinoma.

Registration Information: For further information, please contact the CBCE, 1707 Market Place Blvd., Suite 370, Irving, Texas 75063; Telephone: (214) 260-9024; Fax: (214) 260-0509; E-mail: info@thecbce.com.

Continuing Education: Yes