8th Princess Margaret Hospital Conference, Developments in Cancer Management: Conquering Cancer in our Lifetime

Last Modified: June 29, 2008

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Conference Dates: October 16 -18, 2008
Conference Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Hilton, Toronto

Sponsoring Group: Imedex

Conference Web Page URL: www.imedex.com/appweb/announcements/a038-01.asp

Organizers: Pamela Catton, MD, Ronald Feld, MD, and Richard Hill, PhD The 8th Princess Margaret Hospital

Objectives: New Developments in Cancer Management: Conquering Cancer in our Lifetime will serve as a premier forum for attendees to enhance their knowledge of state-of-the-art cancer research and management. Attendees will also receive updates on standard cancer therapies and new experimental programs, with in-depth examination of novel therapies and their future role in clinical practice. In addition to receiving cutting-edge information, attendees will also celebrate with the Princess Margaret Hospital and the Ontario Cancer Institute as they commemorate their 50th anniversary.

Registration Information: Please register at www.imedex.com or call +1(678)242-0906

Miscelly: Contact: meetings@imedex.com; tel: 678 242 0906, fax: 678 242 0920

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