14th Annual Perspectives in Breast Cancer

Last Modified: July 13, 2008

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Conference Dates: September 26-27, 2008
Conference Location: New York, New York

Sponsoring Group: Imedex

Conference Web Page URL: http://www.imedex.com/appweb/announcements/a042-01.asp

Topics Covered: Surgery/Radiotherapy, Translational Research, Early and locally advanced disease, Advanced/metastatic disease, Adjuvant therapy

Conference Objectives: This dynamic forum for healthcare providers in breast cancer research and treatment is designed to increase their knowledge and share their challenges and successes in disease management and patient care.

Who Should Attend: Medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, surgical oncologists, radiologists, pathologists, and other healthcare providers interested in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of patients with breast cancer.

Registration Information: To register, visit www.imedex.com, or call 678-242-0906.

Conference Fees: $50+

Continuing Education: Yes

Mammography Screening Ups Breast Cancer Surgery Rates

Sep 15, 2011 - The annual rate of breast surgery increased significantly from 1993-1995 to 2005-2008 for women in Norway aged 50 to 69 years who were invited to undergo mammography screening, according to a study published online Sept. 13 in BMJ.

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