Ninth Annual Controversies in Breast Cancer: Adjuvant and Neoadjuvant Therapy

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Last Modified: May 20, 2010

Conference Dates: October 8-10, 2010
Conference Location: United States

Sponsoring Group: Physicians’ Education Resource

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Topics Covered: Topics to be included: New Breast Cancer Subtypes Claudin low Molecular apocrine Pleomorphic lobular Micropapillary Basal A/B Local Therapies Management of DCIS Hypofractionated radiation therapy Preoperative therapy decision points Management of familial breast cancer Systemic Therapies Clinical implications of focal HER2 amplification Chemotherapy in luminal vs. basal breast cancer Who benefits from angiogenesis inhibitors? Treating bone micrometastases Endocrine therapy for life? Promising novel targeted agents

Conference Objectives: Will address emerging data that underlie the optimal management of early-stage and locally advanced breast cancer. The congress will include an in-depth discussion of the increasing number of breast cancer subtypes that challenge oncologists. A significant emphasis on case discussions and new data supporting adjuvant and neoadjuvant treatment options will provide a forum for discussion of the practical applicability of evolving clinical trial findings.

Who Should Attend: medical, surgical, and radiation oncologists, Fellows, nurse practitioners, nurses, physician assistants, pharmacists, researchers, and other health care professionals interested in the treatment of breast cancer are also invited to attend.

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