American Cancer Society CareCast

Last Modified: February 10, 2002

Date: February 26, 2002
Location: Washington, DC, USA

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Sponsors: American Cancer Society & Cancer Survivors Network

Topics: On February 26, from 7:00PM to 8:00PM EST, the Cancer Survivors Network will host a live web cast, focusing on cancer-related issues in the workplace. This forum was created to share information and experiences in an effort to reduce feelings of isolation and empower survivors and their families to seek and find ways of meeting the challenges that people who have had cancer can face involving their workplaces. You'll hear in-depth discussions and true-life stories from other survivors and their families who are living with the same types of issues and emotional experiences you might be.

Jamie Reno, a long-time journalist who writes for Newsweek, musician and lymphoma survivor, will host a panel of four guests. By assembling a mix of cancer survivors and caregivers, the panel can share workplace experiences common to everyone touched by cancer while fostering positive feelings of hope and support.

Discussion topics will touch on:

  • Expectations for job performance after cancer: The cancer survivor's rights and responsibilities in the workplace
  • Reasonable job accommodations
  • Positive experiences with supportive co-workers
  • Supervisors who don't understand

Registration Info: Attendees must pre-register for the web cast and are encouraged to submit questions and comments via email prior to and during the event. Register at

Conference Fees: The webcast is a free event.

Continuing Education: Yes