First International Congress on Salivary Gland Diseases

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Date: January 27, 2002 - January 30, 2002
Location: Geneva, Switzerland

Symposium Web Page:

Sponsor: University of Geneva

Who Should Attend: Otolaryngologists, Dentists, Maxillofacial surgeons, Oncologists

Objectives: Review of new developments in diagnosis and treatment of salivary gland diseases. The First International Congress on Salivary Gland Diseases intends to gather for the first time experts in different scientific disciplines, in order to improve our understanding of the normal functioning of the salivary glands as well as of the diagnosis and treatment of salivary gland diseases.

Topics: Salivary glands, Oncology, Facial nerve, Radiotherapy, Basic sciences, Immunology, Saliva, Xerostomia

Registration Info: Registration exclusively at the congress website.

    Organisation: SYMPORG SA,
    7, avenue Krieg CH ? 1208 GENEVA, Switzerland
    Phone: (+4122) 839 84 84
    Fax: (+4122) 839 84 85

Fees: 350-550 Swiss Francs

Prognostic Factors Identified in Mucoepidermoid Carcinoma

Aug 13, 2012 - Diagnosis of low- or intermediate-grade tumors is associated with significantly better overall survival and disease-free survival in patients with mucoepidermoid carcinoma of the salivary glands, while advanced disease stage and perineural invasion are the most significant indicators of poor prognosis, according to a study published in the Aug. 15 issue of Cancer.

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