Endosonography - 5th annual course
(Victoria, BC, Canada )

Date: June 4-8, 2002
Location: Victoria Conference Centre, Victoria, BC, Canada

Sponsors: WCBC

Web Site: www.brcancerconf.kos.net

Who Should Attend: Survivors, health care professionals, scientists, physicians, advocates, environmental professionals, educators, journalists, government representatives


  1. Educate and share information on all aspects of breast cancer, from research, funding and treatment prevention, environmental pollution, support, outreach and education.
  2. Provide an opportunity for those affected by the disease to express their fears, frustrations, hopes and dreams, and tell their stories.
  3. Build and strengthen international networks concerned with breast cancer.
  4. Move forward to take global and local action to eradicate the disease.

Topics: Wide spectrum of topics including primary prevention, treatment, new developments in detection, role of the environment in breast cancer, issues of access, support and education, advocacy.

Registration Info: Registration package available late summer 2001 at www.brcancerconf.kos.net.


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