PICC 03 - The 5th International Conference: Perspectives in Colorectal Cancer

Last Modified: February 10, 2003

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Conference Dates: June 26-28, 2003
Conference Location: Barcelona, Spain

Sponsoring Group: Imedex, Inc.

Conference Web Page URL: www.picccongress.com

Topics Covered: Molecular Biology & Prevention, Imaging Techniques in Staging and Diagnosis of Colorectal Cancer, The Management of Hepatic Mestases, Chemotherapy of Colorectal Cancer, Adjuvant Treatment of Colon Cancer, Challenging Cases

Who Should Attend: medical oncologist, colorectal surgeon, radiation oncologist, or gastroenterologist

Registration Information: Online: www.picccongress.com, Tel: 770-751-7332, Fax: 770-751-7334 email: meetings@imedex.com

Conference Fees: ? 445 Payment received by April 4, 2003, ? 545 Payment received by June 13, 2003, ? 695 Payment received after June 13, 2003 and on-site. ? 50 discount for ESMO members.

Continuing Education: No

Miscellany: submitted to ESMO for accreditation

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