Predictive Oncology

Last Modified: April 11, 2003

Conference Dates: September 15-16, 2003
Conference Location: Portsmouth, UK

Sponsoring Group: International Society for Chemosensitivity Testing in Oncology

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Topics Covered: Oncology is currently an empirical discipline in which all patients with a particular type of cancer are treated as though they were the same. The weight of evidence (and paper) suggests that this is incorrect: patients' tumours differ from each other as much as they do - perhaps more so. As new drugs come onto the market, so oncologists and patients are faced with a bewildering array of choices. Which patients need treatment? How long do they need it for, and at what dose?

Predictive testing has much to offer: advances in the molecular understanding of cancer allow the design of specific tests for some drugs (eg ER, HER2, EGFR), while cytotoxic drugs, cell assays may have much to offer. Improved and earlier assessments of patient reponse are also critical. The next 10 years are set to be an exciting time in oncology, but as drugs improve, tests must improve too. This conference will focus on the recent developments and practical application of these to patient care.

Conference Objectives: To further the use and understanding of predictive methods in guiding patient treatment.

Who Should Attend: Oncologists, pathologists, cancer scientists

Registration Information: Please visit the website at for registration and abstract submission.

Conference Fees: £490 including full two day conference, 1 night's accommodation and dinner.

Continuing Education: Yes