Tuesday, September 22, 2008

OncoLink at ASTRO
OncoLink reporters provide in-depth coverage of scientific presentations from the 50th annual meeting of the American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology, ASTRO.

Brachial Plexopathy (BP) from Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT) in Early-Stage NSCLC
CaP Calculator: An Online Decision Support Tool to Improve Evidence-based Doctor-Patient Communication for Clinically Localized Prostate Cancer
Independent Interfraction Motion and Deformation of Pelvic Nodes and Prostate in Image Guided Concurrent Irradiation of Prostate and Pelvic Nodes
Induction Chemotherapy versus Chemoradiotherapy for Stage III Non-small Cell Lung Cancer
Pain and Rib Fracture after Stereotactic Radiotherapy for Peripheral Non-small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC)
Results of the Phase III ENRICH (RT-016) Study of Efaproxiral Administered Concurrently with Whole Brain Radiation Therapy (WBRT) in Women with Brain Metastases from Breast Cancer
Stereotactic Body Radiosurgery for 121 Cases of Spinal Metastases Treated at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
The Incidence of Stroke in Patients with Head and Neck Cancer with or without Radiotherapy
The Risk of Developing a Neutron-induced Second Malignancy for Pediatric Proton Therapy Patients

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