The Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania
Last Modified: May 3, 2002

Landscape with Prayer oil on canvas 38 x 30 inches 1992

I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in August 1991, during which time I was going to the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts having been a cardiology, post oncology nurse.

"Landscape with Prayer," done while awaiting evaluation for possible metastases, was a prayer for time, for help and survival; also for greater compassion in a spiritual sense from the caregivers. My oncologist came in to announce treatment options, and, in the same breath, announced how excited he was that his wife was due any day now with their first child. I was 32 years old and dealing with my mortality. My possibilities for motherhood had been removed only two days before. My painting became my support system, allowing me to visualize what I was feeling, helping me work out the anger, the pain, and loss.

Come Home oil on canvas 56 x 52 inches 1994

I returned from a year's leave to study in Paris and North Africa. My boyfriend was dying and given two months to live. "Come Home" was a plea for his return. It took me over six months to paint, providing me with an outlet to stage my grieving.

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