The Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania
Last Modified: May 3, 2002

Apple Blossoms oil on linen 22 x 26 inches 1992

It took enormous discipline to alter my attitude more towards the positive, having suffered four cancer surgeries and follow-up treatments over a 20-year period. But I am now functioning better than ever, lavishing in my health. I paint as though I have only this day to touch paint and see color. I constantly make new discoveries by thoroughly indulging my curiosities.

My paintings, being seasonal as I finally realize, document time through my study of color in the landscape. My reaction to facing the unknown, suddenly, and not recognizing myself in the mirror, and having pain, was to paint as though there was no tomorrow.

Leap, Turn, Step, Step oil on linen 48 x 72 inches 1992

Being ill took away only my physical strength. No longer could I attend my West African dance class, but I could hear the rhythm of the drum, I could see the dance steps in my mind. I therefore made large my ability to imagine what could not be tangible.

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