If I Could...

By Mike Hall
Last Modified: July 15, 2007

I'd like to look into your eyes
and tell you that this nightmare will vanish in the morning

or take you on an ocean cruise......in hopes that cancer couldn't follow

If I could, I would take you to the
happy, carefree places of your youth
To the hideouts where sunshine and
laughter rule the day

We'd go whitewater rafting
and have hot dogs on the shore
I'd pray that the roar of the river
would be your refuge and that God would speak healing words to your heart

I would take you on a mountain climb
To the summit of a snow capped peak
And I'd look into your eyes again
asking you to keep faith in The One who is Higher than all

At night, while you are sleeping,
I'd pray for His strength to uphold you
For His peace to surround you
And for one special angel to guide you

I'd wake you in the morning
before the dew has left the grass
We'd thank Him for another day
And enjoy the mile walk to the beach

There we would stare at the blue water stretching forever And watch the seagulls
cavorting in the breeze We'd see the mountains in the distance And know that God is
bigger than disease or disaster

We'd have lunch on the pier
And I would take your hand in mine
Once more I'd look into your eyes
And tell you how much I love you.

Mike was inspired to write this poem after his sister in law had been diagnosed with breast cancer and a cousin had died of a lung cancer.