Each One Reach One: Working Together To Make A Change

Last Modified: January 30, 2005

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Conference Dates: May 26, 2005
Conference Location: Oakland, California

Sponsoring Group: Northern California Cancer Center

Conference Web Page URL: www.nccc.org

Topics Covered: overview of issues, myths and misconceptions about breast cancer in the African American community

Conference Objectives: Provide accurate and culturally sensitive information about the realities of breast cancer in African American women (risk, detection, treatment, resources); empower attendees to help educate community

Who Should Attend: patients, families, general public

Conference Agenda: Myths and misconceptions about cancer in the African American community; healing (mind, body and spirit); culturally competent healthcare information; exercise and nutrition; impact of cancer on relationships/family; living beyond breast cancer; the role of community in survivorship.

Registration Information: education@nccc.org 1.888.315.5988

Conference Fees: $50; scholarships

Continuing Education: Yes

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