5th International Symposium on Minimal Residual Cancer

Last Modified: May 11, 2005

Conference Dates: September 11-14, 2005
Conference Location: Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco, CA

Sponsoring Group: International Symposium on Minimal Residual Cancer

Conference Web Page URL: www.ismrc.org

Topics Covered:

    The Detection of Microscopic Disease in Breast Cancer: a Paradigm for Other Solid Tumors
  • ICC- and PCR-based strategies
  • Microscopic disease in sentinel nodes
  • Microscopic disease in bone marrow: when to detect?
  • Circulating tumor cells (CTCs): a prognostic or predictive factor?
  • MRD in bone marrow: future directions:
  • MRD in blood: future directions
  • Panel discussion: Cooperation between USA and EU for the development and implementation of methods of detection of MRD in breast cancer
    The Detection of Microscopic Disease in Solid Malignancies
  • MRD in prostate cancer
  • MRD in NSCLC and GI malignancies
  • MRD in gynecological cancer
    The Biology of MRD: Potential Relevance for Cancer Research Applications
  • The biology of metastasis in breast cancer: MRD as a model
  • Combined genome/transcriptosome analysis of single disseminated tumor cells
  • Genomic profiling and MRD: technology development and future perspectives
  • Expression signature of MRD in peripheral blood
  • Expression profiling of CTCs in breast and prostate cancer
  • Therapeutic targets in MRD
  • Glycobiology of solid tumors
  • Circulating endothelial cell analysis
  • Panel discussion: Single or multiple technologies for determining the biology of MRD
    Applications to Clinical Practice
  • The development of clinical trials evaluating MRD: Challenges and opportunities. The MRC trialists initiative

Conference Objectives: To report on the most relevant advances in the detection and characterization of minimal residual cancer in solid tumors.

Who Should Attend: Cancer researchers and clinicians

Registration Information: Please refer to www.ismrc.org

Conference Fees: $390- academic, $200 - student prior to July 15

Continuing Education: No