Bruce Pollock

Last Modified: November 1, 2001

Bruce Pollock - Crucible
Bruce Pollock
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Acrylic on burlap
40 x 35 inches
Catalog No. 32A

Bruce Pollock - Quell

Acrylic on canvas
68 x 48 inches
Catalog No. 32B

My mother struggled with cancer for 15 years, most of my adult life. I was at home with her through the final stages of the disease. I was with her as she took her last breath.

This image of cancer as a catabolic force invading her body was very powerful. I imagined the surgeries and treatments transgressing the body from which I was born. A battle in internal regions fought with bombardments of radiation and chemical (chemo) warfare trying to defeat a shape-shifting foe.

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